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Manual Dialing Instructions
Because we have received requests on how to do this, those who work in the Linux and other non supported environments(currently including MS Vista), we thought we would put up this information. Please realize that even though we are putting up this information we do not provide support for this method of dialup. Should you have trouble with this method of dialup, you are on your own.

How Does It Work?
Before one can manually dialup to the iPass network, one must understand how the dialer works and where it gets its information from. The iPass Connect dialer is essentially a glorified phone book in that it actually is nothing more than a list of numbers with some login scripts for accessing these numbers. The iPass Connect dialer interacts with the native dialer on your system (i.e. Dialup Networking in the Windows environment) to establish a connection. When you select a number from the dialer and enter you username and password, the dialer dynamically creates an Internet connection by passing data such as the phone number, login script, and authentication string to the native dialer which then connects you to the Internet. This is actually a very good system in that it doesn't add a proprietary dialer to your computer which has the possibility of creating conflicts with other software. In addition, because it is using the native dialer designed for the system it eliminates a great deal of the problems inherent with proprietary dialing software.

The iPass Connect client software stores all of its dialing information in ASCII (text) files, that end in .scp (script) or .txt (phone book data). The main informational file is the pbook.txt file. This is located in your install directory. In the Mac environment this depends on where you installed your software. In the Windows environment the default location is C:\Program Files\iPass\iPassConnect Worldwide Dialup\. At these locations you should find a number of .scp (Script) files and a number of .txt files

Files Used
The following are the files that we will use to determine which number to dial, what prefix we need to prepend to our dialupname, and if necessary what dialing script to use. These files can be grabbed from any updated version of the 2.x windows dialer and the Mac 8.x and 9.x dialers.

pbook.txt - This is by far the most important file you will use in the manual dialup process. It is in a comma delimited format and gives you essentially all of the information you need to make a basic connection. There are approximately 35 fields in this file. Luckily you will only need a few of them. Here is a list of the fields you will need:
  Field 1 - Country Code
  Field 2 - State / Province Number
  Field 3 - City / Location
  Field 4 - Area Code
  Field 5 - Phone Number
  Field 7 - Script File
  Field 8 - Prefix
  Field 9 - Suffix
  Field 15 - Hourly Rate in US$
  Field 16 - Maximum Connect Speed
  Field 27 - Connection Type (This entry musty be MODEM)

region.txt - this file lists the States (USA) / Provinces (Canada) / Territories (Australia) / Prefectures (Japan) with their appropriate number as listed in in field 2 of the pbook.txt file.

Based on the information on the files above you should be able to ascertain an area code(if required) and number, whether or not you will need a script (.scp), the maximum connect speed as well as what you will pay per hour for dialing this number. That brings us to the Prefix. When you dialup using the iPass Connect client you enter a username and a password to connect. You will notice that the domain name field is prepopulated with "worldwidedialup.net". This is actually submitted as part of your username by the dialer when you dial up. If there is a prefix in the prefix field then it is prepended to your username. If there is a suffix in the suffix field then it is appended to your username. When you dialup manually your username consists of the Prefix + UserName@worldwidedialup.net + Suffix. For example if your Worldwide Dialup username is johndoe and your password was "connect" and you are in Grand Rapids, MI you could use the entry below:

US,27,Grand Rapids,616,828 4017,536039,,IPASS/,,0,0,0,0,0,2.81,56000,0,0,0,0,,0,,,0,1,MODEM,21709,0x4,,,,,,

You would be dialing a number in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, in the 616 area code using number 828-4017. This number has a maximum connect speed of 56K and an hourly rate of $2.81. Because there is no entry in field 7 you do not need to use a script file. You would use a username of IPASS/johndoe@worldwidedialup.net and a password of connect. If you find that you need to use a script file, you will have to set the native dialer up to reference the script requested file. Unfortunately, these files are different from one operating system to the next.

Good Luck and Happy Surfing!

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